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Artificial Intelligence

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Founded in 2018, Kreative AI Technology is a provider of web system development and data analytics services. We help enterprises derive value from the wealth of information they constantly generate. We leverage artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, including machine learning and deep learning algorithms, to improve visibility and support our customers' decision-making.

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Web System Development


We provide full stack development services from backend database design to frontend system development and deployment. Our professional Software Development Team provides ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that your systems work securely and optimally.

Data Analytics Services


Data is the future! Our experienced Data Science Team can help you capture, leverage, and refine your data to deliver impactful insights. We help you integrate machine learning and deep learning algorithms into your systems for market segmentation, demand forecasting, and more to drive strategic decision-making for your company. 

Robot Development


We have extensive experience developing algorithmic trading bots with deep learning techniques. The bot can help you analyze the financial data and automatically place and manage the orders. We do not provide investment suggestions but technical support to help you create the trading bot according to your trading strategy.


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