AI for Algorithmic Trading



Algorithmic trading dominates the trading market nowadays, it automatically trades at high speed and volume once the preset conditions are met. The algorithmic trading are definitely more profitable compared to traditional human trading due to the efficiency and consistency of the computer programs. 

In AI trading, machine learning is used for identifying complex trading patterns and making predictions on price movements of stocks. With the help of artificial Intelligence, the trading is highly profitable. 


We integrated the algorithmic trading and AI programs to form a new AI-based algo agent called "KT-bot". It helps you to analyze the financial data, place and manage the orders automatically. We don't provide investment suggestions, but we provide technical support and help you to create the trading robot. 

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How does it work



First of all, you need to define the strategy based on the risk assessment. 



Then, we will develop the trading robot according to your requirement.



Finally, the trading robot can work for you after deployment. 


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